What are the important things for beginners to know about the game?

The game is the most classic and easy to play while you are earning money. This game is known as the เกมยิงปลา. The game first originated in China but now it is admired by people from around the world. Before you become a professional fisher you need to learn the basic rules of playing it.

Look for a trustworthy site

The most important thing for the player to make sure their winnings are safe. You can search through online and apps that with just one click you can have fun and earn money. But others are giving you some extras such as malicious malware. This software in your smartphones or any devices is very hard to enjoy. So you need to make sure that the site is trustworthy. You can do some research first on that site before signing in. You can also check on the comment section if there are any.

The games are fun to play

Other players sometimes forget why they started playing the game. The reason is they play it because it is fun. At first, you may fail several times which is normal. You can try it again to make it perfect. Which makes the game more interesting.

Not a simple child’s play

When you are easily getting bored with some games the fish game is a perfect choice. When the rules are getting more complicated once you reach the advanced player. It gets more complicated when you are moving to a higher level.

Playing Baccarat Online

Options to choose from

The good thing about the fish shooting game is that they can have a wide selection of games to choose from. This game is a popular and trusted site to play the game online. It is because they have good customer service and quick cash out.

Check the points of each fish

Each fish has a calculating point. There are 1,2,4,7,10,20,30 and so on. You need to remember that don’t take any fish that has more points. The less it has, the more coins that you will earn.

Study the speed

A lot of players are ignoring this kind of feature. Once you log in to the game will then load the bullets and choose what is the wagering level. You will press to shoot the gun and catch as many fish as you want. Although you didn’t notice that all fish appear at the same time, not all fish have the same speed.

A small fish will move slower than the regular one. The slow movement is easier to shoot. While the fast-moving it will make you shoot repeatedly and your time will be consumed.

Shooting the fish

If you see the fish alone, you are not required to shoot using the big bullets. You can use either small or medium size bullets. And if you see players shooting 3 to 5 bullets at the small fish but they are not dead. You can stop shooting it to lessen the waste of the coins.