Exciting Online poker games on Mega 888

Online poker games are exciting playoffs that are played by millions across the globe.

How to play:

Poker game can be played by 2 to 6 members on a round table. You can start playing here with mega888 download

Poker game has dealer, small blind, big blind, normal players

Dealer is a person who manages a game.

Small blind is a person present left to dealer.

Big blind is a person present left to small blind.

Normal players are remaining people in the game.

Points to keep in mind:

 There are 10 ranks in poker game

First rank – Royal flush – Means straight flush with highest value of cards

Second rank- straight flush – Means straight + flush

                                                  All 5 cards should arranged in order with same symbols

Third rank – Four of kind – Means 4 among 5 cards should have same number irrespective of symbol

Fourth rank – Full house – Means three of kind + one pair

Fifth rank – Flush – Means all 5 cards should have same symbol irrespective of number

Sixth rank – Straight- Means all 5  cards should be in order irrespective of symbol

Seventh rank – Three of a kind – Means 3 cards among 5 should have same number irrespective of             symbol

Eight rank – Two pairs – Means 4 cards among 5 should have 2 pairs with same number irrespective of symbol

Ninth rank – One pair – Means 2 among 5 cards should be of same number irrespective of symbol

Tenth rank – High cards – Means all 5 cards are different numbers and  symbols

Game have 4 options :

  • Fold : Used to exit from the game when the person’s cards have least probability of winning
  • Call : The amount we bet should be of same amount of person to the right
  • Raise : Used when the person want to increase the amount of bet more than the person to the right
  • Check: Used to skip when person don’t want to increase bet amount

There are 4 rounds in poker game:

Round 1 : Preflop – Dealer distributes 2 cards to each person .

Round 2: Flop – Dealer keeps 3 cards on table among his 5 cards

Round 3: Turn – Dealer keeps fourth card on table

Round 4: River – Dealer keeps last card on table

Poker game starts at small blind & ends at big blind . As the game starts dealer distributes 2  cards to a each person & the dealer will have 5 cards.  The person who choose  5 cards with high rank among the 7 cards ( 2 cards of player + 5 cards of dealer) is declared as winner. Total betting amount is given to the winner