Online Poker – History, How to play, Benefits and more

In this era of internet in which literally each and everything has moved to virtual space be it buying, selling, learning how could gaming be left behind and so does online Poker comes to action. Online Poker came to limelight in the 2000s with the advancement in technology and more secured online websites being launched. As before that it was played in online chartrooms as recreation and was not popular then.

There are almost 100 million online poker players worldwide and is increasing day by day.

Benefits of Online Poker:

Playing judi online could be one of a kind experience in current times as with latest technologies and advancement it has provided with safe and secured environment.  Online Poker provides for huge choice of poker rooms for players across the world. One can access it at any time and at any place around the world as per his or her comfort. The players can play for as long as they want from any device be it laptop, tablets, smart phones or computers. It does provide variety of poker games one can choose from example, 5-cards, 7 cards 3 cards etc in addition to it can be a great learning opportunity with the amateur players to learn the game. Along with poker the websites provide with casino and slots games as well to choose from. One also gets better bonuses and deals to play from. In online jaya poker the games moves faster and a player can play more game unlike offline poker. There are training sites available online for beginners of the game where they can practice and learn from.

Play Poker Online Games

How to play Online Poker?

A person must be of legal age before playing the game. To begin with online poker one needs to download software for the game from the websites.  One needs to deposit some initial amount of money mostly through digital payments.

There are many options available to play from but all variations are not available on the same website, different websites have different variations.  There are sit and go games which are smaller tournament these tournament start as it is the seats are full.

The online universe has numerous websites to choose from and many times it create confusion which one to choose. To select the best site depends on many factors for example  most played sites will have good players  and games but less played site may offer more signup bonuses so it depends from a person to person the one who is playing to choose from. Many Poker site provide free signup bonuses and also one can play from very small amount as well.

Online Poker Platforms:

The websites earns by way of charging commission on the winning pot or from the deposits of the players.  A lot amount of money is required for the maintenance of the platforms. The technology has to be updated continuously and maintained. The platforms also tracks the individual patterns or behavior of the players that is are they getting addictive to game and can set limits to their game. The platforms need continuous updating.


Online poker is great way to unwind oneself, more the practice better one is at the game making it more thrilling and interesting .None the less, one should always keep in mind their budgets or bankroll and the security and authenticity of the platforms they are playing on with should play it with spirit of the game.